Taco Gifts for the Taco Lover in Your Life

…or if you want to send me stuff, I’m cool with that too.

Anyways, here are some cute things that have been collecting dust in my Etsy shopping cart:

  1. Taco Tuesday Marquee for a mere $275.00il_570xn-725403383_awesPerfect for the sign collection on my bar.
  2. Taco Engagement Ring $9.63il_570xn-904229881_kalzIf you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.
  3. Minimalist Taco Portrait $5.00 il_570xn-850301564_hywrA beautifully detailed, photo-like portrait. Perfect to put next to your *legit* Banksy.
  4. Vintage “Tacos Before Vatos” Pendant $12.00 il_570xn-789756774_bdtsFrom the Marie Antionette era. Even she had her priorities straight. (Also a warning to any man who tries to date me)
  5. Inspiring Words From Bae $4.01 il_570xn-866232351_pptoI’ll be a taco if I want be a taco.
  6. Taco Banner $45.00 il_570xn-675065718_6dukFor your taco-themed fiesta.
  7. Large Taco Piñata $29.99 il_570xn-452263073_qp3v
  8. Cuddle Buddy $35.00 il_570xn-885627653_77ucPillows are best for cuddling.
  9. The Ultimate Love Letter $4.00 il_570xn-669478874_liug Love is precious but so are tacos.
  10. Doormat Warning $38.00 il_570xn-939520110_sc9oDon’t have tacos? Don’t bother!
  11. Taco Street Art $3.00 il_570xn-724694538_f2gdThis is my tag for sticker bombing. I’LL BE BIGGER THAN BANKSY.
  12. Car Sticker $2.00 il_570xn-1008407251_jvwpIf you’re not driving a taco truck, how will people know?
  13. Cute Taco Paper Clip $3.00 il_570xn-984941447_qiz6How could you not?

Moral of the story: If you love someone, buy them cute things.

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