Graduate Más

Graduation season is upon us once again.

I have finally reached the point in a young adult’s life where the only life I’ve known is college, and yet, here I am, getting my degree and being thrown to the wolves, otherwise known as “The Real World.”

For some, they don’t even make it past high school. Taco Bell’s Foundation For Teens helps high schoolers “achieve más.

In Valdosta, GA, The Boys and Girls Club hosted a special celebration for some of their club members. Jakehiah Townsend of Valdosta High School was awarded the Club’s Youth of the Year Award including a $5,000 scholarship, thanks to their partnership with Taco Bell.

In addition to helping decrease the the high school drop out rate, Get Schooled and Taco Bell have began to offer AWESOME graduation chords for students who pledge to finish high school and #grad4mas.

And here I am, still trying to figure out how to decorate my cap.


Taco Bell Foundation for Teens has launched a #letsrecognizepotential campaign.

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