Drunk In Love

First off, some mood music:

There’s always been an unspoken rule that Taco Bell tastes better when consumed after a late night out, and it’s no secret that I probably follow this rule more often than not.

While Taco Bell is still working on getting food delivered to my door, they just continue to amaze me.

Nation’s Restaurant News reported that a Taco Bell has applied for a liquor license. If you’re confused by that statement, that means TACO BELL WILL SOON SERVE ALCOHOL!

Do you hear that? It’s me weeping tears of joy!

“It was reported that a Taco Bell in Chicago will soon start selling alcohol, which is weird because alcohol usually sells Taco Bell.” – Michael Che of Saturday Night Live

While no details have been released yet, a spokesperson for Taco Bell said the updated menu will also come with a whole new look that will be customized for the urban community.

The first location was set to open this Spring but before you get your hopes up, only the Taco Ballers in Chicago near Wicker Park will be the lucky ones try it out.

*BRB. Booking my plane ticket now*

What kinds of alcohol are you hoping to see at Taco Bell? Fingers crossed for margaritas!

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