Cinco De Mayo: America’s Favorite Holiday

Cinco De Mayo may be my favorite college holiday because I don’t feel bad for wearing a sombrero, day-drinking margaritas, and eating all the tacos my body can handle.

IMG_3204This year, Taco Bell is giving people another reason to celebrate.

First, they’re introducing their newest hot sauce in five years. The Diablo sauce is said to be their hottest sauce yet.

The new sauce also brings 12 new “wisdom” labels. Some of these include ‘Keep up’, ‘You asked for it’, ‘Sound the alarm’, ‘Get on my level’ and ‘Down for whatever’.

One lucky Taco Baller™ was sent a single packet to test out the new hot sauce. It was described as “a nice spiced flavor to it as well as a bit of fruitiness.”

“Diablo packs a punch with a ‘We don’t give a shishito’attitude,” – Taco Bell.

But Taco Bell didn’t stop there!

When one prepares their Cinco De Mayo meal, they aren’t really thinking breakfast (unless it beer for breakfast). Taco Bell is looking to change that.

Announced via Twitter’s live-streaming mobile app, Periscope, on May 5th between the hours of 7am-11am, Taco Bell will be giving away their new biscuit tacos for free!

The free items will be available in sausage and bacon but it’s also available as a Chicken Biscuit Taco with Jalapeño Honey (drool).

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