*KNOCK KNOCK* Who’s There? Taco Bell At Your Door!

My dreams are finally coming true!

You read that right, The Bell is coming straight to your door. This week it was announced that I no longer have to put pants on for a drunk food run because Taco Bell is finally offering delivery service. pizza-boxes-358029_640

In an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News, CEO Brian Niccol acknowledges consumers’ high demand for innovation from the company. He told the news outlet that delivery service is one of the most frequently requested items.

Even though it’s the No. 1 request from consumers, we have to make sure we can give them an experience that’s consistent with Taco Bell, and that’s what we’re working through.

Thanks Taco Bell for finally getting your $#!T together.

The program is still in the early stages of being developed. Niccol even admitted, “we have to figure it out, and I can tell you right now we don’t have it figured out.”

Delivery service is set to test out late this year.

If you guys need someone to test drive the program, I will gladly offer my services! Just let me apologize to my delivery man in advance for the many… interesting encounters we will soon have.

Would you try out Taco Bell’s new delivery service?

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