Taco Bell helps students “Live Mas”


Graduation season is in full swing, and while I’m still in my prime University years, I have a few friends and family that are barely entering the wonderful world that is college. 

Some, however, aren’t as lucky. While the United States high school graduation rate has reached 80%, there are plenty of students who have yet to make that accomplishment. 

Taco Bell’s Foundation for Teens has pledged to help them reach that milestone. For someone who actively participates in community service, this program definitely touched my heart.

Founded in 1992, the program works closely with franchisees, community partners and customers to encourage and inspire teens  to graduate high school through programs, partnerships, and direct financial assistance.

The students that receive help come from many backgrounds. 

Taco Bell’s program encourages students to “Achieve Mas”

Mind: We empower teens to pursue their education and careers
Active Lifestyle: We engage teens in healthy habits
Spirit: We encourage teens to give back, share their successes and have fun doing it!

The Foundation for Teens partners with many companies including The Boys & Girls Club of America, Get Schooled, America’s Promise Alliance, and Keystone Club

Due to pop culture being an active influence in this generation of teens’ lives, Taco Bell has found an exciting way to keep students pressing for that diploma. The current line up of celebrity ambassadors includes NFL star Reggie Bush, indie-rock sensation Young the Giant, singer/songwriter Megan Nicole and Youtube personality Tyler Oakley. If having their support isn’t enough, Taco Bell surprised a local California prep school with a special guest.

(ps. Mr.Gibson looks as delicious as a Baja Blast Freeze on a hot Summer day tastes)

If you direct your attention to the beautiful info-graph below made by Taco Bell, you can learn more about the impact their Foundation for Teen’s makes:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.44.34 PM

As of 2013, Taco Bell’s Foundation for Teens has helped over 1.5 million teens “Graduate for Más” throughout over 1,000 high schools.

Click here to make the pledge to Graduate Más. 

You can also donate at your local Taco Bell to help teens in your community.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.12.46 PM


The fast-food chain also gives back through the World Hunger Relief, Bell Community Grants, and a scholarship named after the man who, without him none of this would have been possible, Founder of Taco Bell, Glen Bell. Learn more here.


So, cheers to those that are graduating and here’s to us who are still striving for that diploma! If you’re stressing over finals or scared of what you’re next step in life is, always remember to LIVE MÁS!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.13.50 PM

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