Twerko De Mayo


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today is a day that all college students look forward to–an excuse to drink for no reason at all.

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day (which is actually September 16). On this day in 1862, Mexico defeated the forces of the French army in the Battle of Puebla.

But before you grab your bros and head out to Cantinas or El Torito for some cheap beer and overpriced margaritas, why not throw your own fiesta?

I recommend Taco Bell as food for your festivities.

With a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell costing nearly $3, I’ve found a D.I.Y recipe and made my own cheaper and easier way to provide enough food for a lot of people.

Things you will need:

Extra Large Tortillas


Sour Cream

Nacho Sauce

Diced or Chopped Tomatoes

Shredded Lettuce

Ground Beef

Taco Seasoning

Cooking Spray


I would suggest purchasing some items at the 99 Cent Only Store, as I did, for those who are “ballin’ on a budget“.

My Panera Paycheck doesn't allow me to shop at Trader Joe's.
My Panera Paycheck doesn’t allow me to shop at Trader Joe’s.

Step One: Cook your ground beef in a saucepan until brown.

Step Two: Put ground beef in a blender on a low setting for a few seconds.

Step Three: Return the beef to the pan, add taco seasoning and continue cooking.

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Once all the ingredients are prepared, now comes the fun part.

Step 4: Place the extra-large tortilla on an extra-large plate and add a small layer of ground beef in the middle of the tortilla leaving about a two to three-inch gap from the end.

Step 5: Layer a large spoon-full of jalepeño nacho sauce.

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Step 6: Place a tostada on top of these layers. This, essentially, separates the hot ingredients from the cold.

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Step 7: Add the cold ingredients. The order doesn’t matter, but I put the lettuce first, followed by sour cream, then tomatoes. 

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Step 8: Fold the end of the tortilla inward and continue in a clockwise manner.

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Step 9: Spray both sides with cooking spray and grill for about two minutes on each side.

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Congratulations, You just made your own Crunch Wrap Supreme!

Accompany this with a nice cocktail, and you have the perfect meal.

I chose to make a Baja Blast Margarita to stick with the Taco Bell theme.

You can purchase canned or bottled Baja Blast at your local convenience store; however, I used this as an excuse to make a trip to the Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut (also the name of song number 3 on my list of favorite songs that mention Taco Bell).

“I’m at the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!”

If margaritas aren’t your thing, Food Beast has a few Baja Blast-related cocktails to try including Jello Shots and a Baja Blast Shandy.

Photograph by Jackie Tran

Don’t forget to decorate for the occasion with paper flowers, piñatas, and sombreros. Learn how to make easy paper flowers here!


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  1. You are all kinds of awesome! Love your blog, and that thing you made..totally awesome. But why put your ground beef in the blender?

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