Is it Bright Outside, Because McDonald’s Is Throwing Some Major Shade!


This is probably the best feud since Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel.

For those who haven’t been following, as of March 27, Taco Bell has begun selling breakfast from 7 A.M. to 11 A.M . Some of the items on the new menu include a variety of breakfast burritos, icing-filled Cinnabon Delights, the convenient A.M. Crunch wrap, and the Holy Grail of breakfast foods, the Waffle Taco.

Of all the major fast food chains that serve breakfast, McDonald’s is taking it the hardest. However, they should because Taco Bell did some major name dropping in their first breakfast television ad.

If you direct your magnifying glass to the bottom of the video at the end of the ad, you’ll notice the small disclaimer: “These Ronald McDonalds are not affiliated with McDonald’s Corporation and were individually selected as paid endorsers of Taco Bell Breakfast, but man, they sure did love it.”

Of course, McDonald’s wouldn’t back down without a fight. They posted the following Tweet a day after Taco Bell’s big reveal.

2014-04-08 11.59.30 pm

Props to McDonald’s for keeping it classy.

As the feud progresses, I feel as though I’m watching two middle school girls fight over who saw the cute guy first with each media stunt even more catty than the next.

After allowing McDonald’s to send out a couple more subtweets, Taco Bell unleashed the ultimate burn of a commercial, hitting them where it hurts.

Ouch! Right in the Egg McMuffin.

While Taco Bell sat back and waited for a rebuttal, all McDonald’s could come up with was offering free coffee with each breakfast meal until April 13. As part of this campaign, a McDonald’s in Los Angeles enlisted the help of television personality Wendy Williams and comedian Ross Mathews to greet customers at the drive thru and give them free coffee.

What I want to know is why nothing cool like this ever happens to me!

Taco Bell quickly fired shots with a subtle but EXTREMELY obvious Instagram video. While no words are initially spoken and no caption was added to the short six second video, It was apparent who the target was.

McDonald’s has yet to respond, but I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from this battle of the breakfasts. I’m sure I’m not the only one anxiously awaiting what will come up next. My only question is, is there really even a winner in the war over who can provide people with the best breakfast? The biased me says of course. I have a hunch that both companies are cooking up something big in their deep fryers, but a girl can only dream.

With that being said, please excuse me while I sit back with my popcorn and enjoy the show.

 *the delicious looking photo above was taken by yours truly. Please do not attempt to lick the screen.

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